Friday, October 9, 2009

So it has been a while since I have had a chance for some new posts. Can we say super busy!! Oh well. So I am going to post several different shoots in one evening, and you all will just have to forgive me. Here we go...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

So this is Scott, Maren, Brynlee, and Jade. Maren won this photo shoot at a church white elephant "service" exchange. I am so glad she did, because John and I seriously had so much fun getting to know this family! Maren will inspire moms everywhere to up their desire to dress little girls frilly! And I love it!! I don't know how many pictures we took total, but I do know that we could have taken tons more. I think I gave them more pictures than they know what to do with. Enjoy!

Can we say precious moment? However, I think this shot was taken right after she got caught picking her nose. Notice the necklace too, Maren makes them, and has fabulous jewelry parties!
I Can't wait for the next one!

We were trying to get some good shots of Maren and Scott, but Brynlee thought we were still taking pictures of her. Haha, oh well. Super cute though! Scott and Maren have been married for 7 years, and it looks like they still like each other ya? When I met Maren she was blonde with long hair. But can I just say, that I think she makes a stunning brunette! And sporting a shorter hairstyle too. I loves it!
This is my favorite of these two! I just thought this was such a moving picture!

Sorry, but I couldn't resist "picking" this one! Who knew picking your nose could be so dang cute? Would it be tacky to put this on a business card? Just kidding Maren, I wouldn't really do that. But it did give me a good chuckle

Jade was so easy to photograph as well. At 8 months she was awfully patient with us.
She didn't get upset once, even when I held her (which almost ALWAYS makes babies cry!)

No no, Brynlee isn't fussing, she just loved to scream. Makes for a cute picture though.

Maren did the best job dressing up her little girls. They are so stinking cute to begin with, then you add the bows, flowers, and bling, oh my!

Brynlee is so cute, and loved having her picture taken.

I know John and I had fun at this shoot! I hope they did as well.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New baby on the block!

So remember when I took the baby bump pictures of Jared and Nicole? Well now it's time to unveil little miss Olivia Megan. She was only 12 days old when these were shot. (Sounds crazy right? But I swear you'll get the best ones if done under 14 days.) So enough talk... Check her out and prepare to weep!

Doesn't she fit perfectly in to her daddy's hand. Jared said she was a bit heavy to hold at this angle, but aren't you glad you did? Aww!

Doesn't she have the cutest pucker? She wasn't super excited for this shoot. But mom turned on the vacuum for a few minutes, and viola to sleep she went! Way to go Nicole!

Baby bums are the cutest ya?
Snug as a bug in a rug! Thanks again Jared and Nicole for another fabulous shoot!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Elizabeth and Kevin got married in September 2008. And we were happy to take their engagement pictures! So, I know that was over 6 months ago, but I only started my blog last month, so how could I pass up this opportunity to show them off?

Aren't they a striking couple? Did I forget to mention that Beth (Boo) is my fab sister-in-law? Oh well. They live in Colorado, but visit home often. I am sad every time they leave. Beth told me today that they are having a blizzard in CO right now! Yikes, I bet she wishes she were here right now.

We took their pictures at the Mesa Arts Center, and Cave Creek, AZ. What a fun day this was.

Congratulations you two! And thanks for letting us share this time with you. Welcome to the family Kev, it's a treat ya? Come visit us again soon!!

Meet Turner. He is 4 months old. Isn't he precious!

He didn't like the flash much, but once he realized that he is a rock star, he had fun with it.

He has such gorgeous baby blues huh? "Thanks mom and dad" is what this pictures says to me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

John and I got to take Roxannes family pictures again. This is the 3rd time that we have had the pleasure of working with Roxanne Nathan and Corrine. This time we met at the Mesa Arts Center (one of my favorite spots!)
Nathan has always loved trees. I think I have a picture of him climbing trees from every shoot. I teased him that someday when he is dating a nice young lady, his mom will bust out all the tree climbing pictures from over the years. He didn't see the big deal with this.

Corrine lives in California, but visits Arizona almost as much. I told her she should just move here permanently, but she said that she would miss her other family in California. Oh well, and least she's here often enough.

They all look so good here! Just seconds before Nathan was goofing around, but he can turn it off almost as quickly as he turns it on.

It looks like Nathan is about to splash us. He didn't, but I bet he wanted to.

I love how close Roxanne and her mom are. You can tell that they have always had a great relationship.

Thanks for letting us be your photographers again Roxanne and family. We always enjoy it. It has been so fun seeing Nathan getting older, and the fab Corrine and you only look better and better!